Flat Fee Listing on the MLS for $489

Why pay a 6% commission in Florida?

Save big with flat fee listing!

Pay Only A One-Time Fee

100% Online

12 Month MLS Listing

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Being Listed on the MLS:

Flat Fee MLS Service vs. Percentage Commission

Everyone should know that a home listed on the MLS is far more likely to be seen by potential home buyers than one that isn’t. This is because the local MLS is often the first stop for the over one million realtors in the country when they begin searching for a home for a new client and because it then permits the home to be featured on Realtor.com, one of frequented publicly accessible homes for sale website on the Internet.

People ask:

"How much will I save
if I use YourIgloo's Service?"

The short answer is:

As much as $32,000.00

on the average $540,000.00 home!

The typical home sale involves commissioned realtors on both the selling and buying sides of the transaction (each receiving a 3% commission) but YourIgloo’s flat fee service eliminates the 3% that would normally go to the selling realtor.
What’s more, if the buyer isn’t working with a Realtor, you save the other 3% as well - for an additional $16,000.00 savings. That’s a substantial saving over using a typical, traditional realtor for the job. More about our flat fee MLS service.

A savings of $32,000.00 is nothing to sneeze at. In today’s fast paced, do-it-yourself lifestyle, the flat fee MLS service makes a lot of “cents” for many people. When you use YourIgloo.com to help sell your home, you can feel comfortable with a solid support team to help answer questions, ensure the correct paperwork is taken care of, and to provide great customer service.

Unbeatable Flat Fee MLS Service from YourIgloo

For One Flat Fee Be Listed in the MLS and...

  • SAVE THOUSANDS in commissions

  • SELL YOUR HOME FASTER through greater exposure

  • CONTROL THE SALE by having interested parties call you directly

  • HAVE SUPPORT OF LICENSED AGENTS and still pay no listing commission


  • HAVE PEACE OF MIND from working with a company that has an outstanding record with BBB since 1998

Sign Up Now and be listed within 24 business hours from our receipt of your documents.

Premium Flat Fee Package:

Florida Only: $489.00 LIST NOW

Outside Florida: $549.00 LIST NOW

Package includes:
  • Free Yard Sign with sturdy steel stake, space for your own phone number and vinyl numbers

  • 12 month listing on local MLS, with maximum number of photos

  • 12 month listing on Realtor.com, with maximum number of photos

  • Maximum Exposure through listing syndication to sites like Zillow, Homes.com, and Century 21

  • Right to cancel at any time for any reason

  • Customer Service Reps available

  • Licensed Realtor support

  • All state required listing and disclosure forms

A little concerned about selling on your own?

Great discounted Full Service option now available:

Full Service Package

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